libkeymap  2.0.4
Library to manage the Linux keymaps
File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
src/libkeymap/keymap/array.h [code]
src/libkeymap/keymap/charset.h [code]Functions for charset manipulation
src/libkeymap/keymap/common.h [code]Functions for initialization and release of resources as well as functions to handle parameters
src/libkeymap/keymap/context.h [code]Header contains flags, keywords and context structure
src/libkeymap/keymap/dump.h [code]Functions for keymap output
src/libkeymap/keymap/findfile.h [code]Functions for search, open and close a file objects
src/libkeymap/keymap/kernel.h [code]Functions for loading objects into the kernel
src/libkeymap/keymap/kmap.h [code]Functions for keymaps manipulation (add/delete keys)
src/libkeymap/keymap/logging.h [code]Functions for logging